How to Become a Teacher in Texas

Like every other state, Texas has state-specific requirements to become a certified teacher. While some of these are similar to those in other states, others are unique to the state. Becoming a teacher in Texas requires a specific level of education and preparation, as well as passing state testing and background check requirements. The process is overseen by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification. Learn about what you need to do in order to enter the career of a teacher and educator in the Lone Star State of Texas.

Texas Teacher Certification Requirements

Texas Teacher Certification Types

There is only one level of certification in Texas for teachers.

Texas Teacher Education

Teaching in Texas requires at least a Bachelor’s degree from an institute that is accredited by the Texas Higher Education Board, with a major in the subject area you intend to teach. You must also complete a required teacher prep program, which can be taken either as part of your Bachelor’s degree or outside of it.

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Master’s Degree Program

A Master’s degree isn’t required, but can further enhance and improve your skills, and open doors in your career. Many teachers choose this road.

Texas Teacher Certification Exam

Texas has two state-specific tests for educators: the TExES and TExMaT

Teacher Experience

Your teaching preparation program will see you engage in practical student teaching which will build experience in the classroom.

Background Check

You will need to complete background clearances to ensure you are cleared to work with kids.

Texas Teacher Certification

Alternative Certification and Other Requirements

  • Teacher Certification Renewal: Your certification is good for five years, and renewal requires 150 hours of continuing education credits.
  • Texas Alternative Teacher Certification: The three kinds of alternate certification in Texas include Career and Technical Education certification and certification for highly qualified candidates. Pursuing either requires first obtaining a probationary certificate for ACPs.
  • Texas Substitute Teaching: Substitute teachers in Texas aren’t bound by state certification requirements, but individual school districts can set their own requirements.
  • Reciprocity: Texas offers reciprocity for some states, but not all. Anyone seeking to transfer a teaching license in the state may be required to take state tests, and licenses from other states are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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What Does a Teacher Do in Texas?

Teachers have the heavy responsibility of leading and preparing the world leaders and innovators of future generations. They prepare and deliver lesson plans in accordance with state and district curricula and best practices. They intervene where children may be suffering from emotional, behavioral, or mental health difficulties from ADHD to trauma to substance abuse and others. They work closely with parents and administration to set goals and benchmarks, and they monitor and evaluate student progress.

They may also spend long hours grading tests, papers and projects, attending meetings, and overseeing school functions and extracurricular events outside of regular hours. The job requires patience, sensitivity, and confidence as well as dedication and compassion.

Texas Teacher Salary

The projected job growth for teachers over the next seven years is an astonishing 24.6%, making this a great state to pursue a career as an educator. In addition, the average annual salary for teachers is above average at around $53,080.

Texas Teacher Certification Links

Teacher Certification Programs in Texas

Teacher Certification Programs in Texas

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Becoming a teacher is an important decision that requires commitment, dedication, and passion. Teacher certification requirements vary by state. However, there are a number qualifications that every state requires to teach at the public school level. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!