How to Become a Teacher in Oklahoma

It’s not surprising that every state requires teachers to be licensed. After all, they are an important aspect of our future, as they educate and train the leaders of the next generation. In Oklahoma, there is only one level of certification which is overseen by the State’s Department of Education in the Teacher Certification Section. This oversight ensures that the most qualified and caring people enter into the field and take responsibility for the children under their care. Learn about the qualifications, responsibilities and requirements necessary to become a teacher in Oklahoma, and how you can start on this rewarding career path.

Oklahoma Teacher Certification Requirements

Oklahoma Teacher Certification Types

There is only one level of licensure in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Teacher Education

At a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree with a teacher prep program from an approved, accredited university is required in Oklahoma.

Master’s Degree Program

While not required, a Master’s degree in teaching or education can improve your credentials, open the door to higher pay, and create a path to advancement in your education career.

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Oklahoma Teacher Certification Exam

In Oklahoma, the required testing for teachers is established by the state’s Commission for Teacher Preparation (OCTP): The OGET, OSAT, and OPTE which establish general subject area and professional credentials. Praxis scores are not accepted.

Teacher Experience

Teacher prep programs usually involve at least a semester of on-the-ground, in-class student teaching experience.

Background Check

Like other states, Oklahoma requires a fingerprint and criminal background check for all those who wish to work with children.

Oklahoma Teacher Certification

Alternative Certification and Other Requirements

  • Teacher Certification Renewal: Licenses must be renewed every five years, and require 75 hours of professional development points (continuing education).
  • Oklahoma Alternative Teacher Certification: Alternate paths to certification in Oklahoma include the Alternative Placement Program, CareerTech Certification, ABCTE certification, and emergency certification which can only be gained if the school district requests it based on desperate need.
  • Oklahoma Substitute Teaching: Teaching certification determines which courses you can lead as a substitute teacher in Oklahoma. Also, without a certificate, you can only sub for up to 100 days in a given school year.
  • Reciprocity: Oklahoma doesn’t have reciprocity, but provisional licensure can be granted with documentation of teaching experience and fulfillment of the proper state educational requirements, while the prospective teacher takes the Oklahoma exams.

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What Does a Teacher Do in Oklahoma?

Teachers craft lesson plans and modify them as necessary to keep up with the district’s curriculum and current best practices in teaching. They deliver curriculum and test students to evaluate their progress. They grade papers and exams and set goals and benchmarks for progress. They also communicate regularly with parents, other teachers, and school administration.

They could oversee and lead school extracurriculars or chaperone school events like dances and field trips. They serve as leaders and mentors. They require cultural and interpersonal sensitivity and a deep caring for the well-being of the students in their care. They may have to stage interventions for students with emotional, mental, or behavioral problems.

Oklahoma Teacher Salary

Based on numbers tracked by the BLS, Oklahoma will enjoy a 5.2% growth through 2024, and teachers in this state, on average, make around $42,960 per year, which could vary based on geographic region, education, experience, and grade level taught.

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Teacher Certification Programs in Oklahoma

Teacher Certification Programs in Oklahoma

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Becoming a teacher is an important decision that requires commitment, dedication, and passion. Teacher certification requirements vary by state. However, there are a number qualifications that every state requires to teach at the public school level. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!