How to Become a Teacher in Indiana

Becoming a teacher in Indiana provides you with the unique and important opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of our younger generations. Teaching useful and exciting information and witnessing a child comprehend new concepts is an admirable and meaningful experience. If you’re considering becoming a teacher in Indiana, keep reading to find out how you can go about obtaining your teaching license.

Indiana Teacher Certification Requirements

Indiana Teacher Certification Types

Indiana offers three types of teaching licenses. Your first license is the Initial Practitioner License, which is valid for two years. After you complete a two-year residency program, you can apply for the Proficient Practitioner License, which is valid for five years. You can apply next for the Accomplished/Professional Practitioner License if you hold the Proficient Practitioner License and either obtain a master’s degree or become certified through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

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Indiana Teacher Education

Indiana requires that its teachers obtain at least a Bachelor’s Degree from one of the approved online or campus-based teacher education programs. Depending on what area and grade level you would like to teach, you must either graduate with a major in education and a minor in your area of concentration, or major in your area of concentration and minor in education.

Indiana Teacher Certification Exam

You must pass the Indiana CORE Assessment basic skills test and the Indiana CORE Assessment content area exams.

Teacher Experience

Your Indiana teacher education program will provide you with teaching experience in a classroom setting as part of your program.

Background Check

All finalists for obtaining a teaching license in Indiana are required to undergo an expanded criminal history check.

Indiana Teacher Certification

Alternative Certification and Other Requirements

  • Indiana Alternative Teacher Certification: Indiana offers a variety of alternative routes to obtain your teaching license, including Transition to Teaching, Indianapolis Teaching Fellows, Teach for America, Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows and an Advanced Degree. These programs allow you to actually work as a teacher while working toward your teaching license.
  • Teacher Certification Renewal: After you hold an Initial Practitioner License for two years, you can apply for the renewable Proficient Practitioner License. If you go on to obtain the Accomplished/Professional Practitioner License, this is valid for ten years and is also renewable.
  • Indiana Substitute Teaching: In order to be a substitute teacher in Indiana, you must be recommended by your local school district to obtain a Substitute Teaching Permit. All substitute teachers must have at least a high school diploma, but specific requirements differ according to each district.
  • Reciprocity: If you are an out-of-state teacher who holds a valid state-issued teaching certification or who has completed an approved teacher education program, you may be eligible to apply for a Reciprocal Permit to teach in Indiana.
  • CPR, Heimlich and AED Certification: Indiana requires its teachers to obtain certification from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association for the Heimlich maneuver, CPR and the automated external defibrillator.

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What Does a Teacher Do in Indiana?

Teachers in Indiana work hard to ensure that they are providing their students with the most current and accurate educational materials available today. Teachers are responsible for effectively teaching this material to their students in a classroom setting as well as on a one-on-one basis if necessary. Teachers are also expected to work together with fellow teachers and faculty members, communicate with the students’ families and maintain appropriate lesson plans.

Indiana Teacher Salary

Wages for teachers in Indiana differ from one area to another depending on what grade level and what subjects you teach. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does provide mean salary information for teachers in Indiana. Elementary school teachers make an average of $49,250 a year, middle school teachers earn around $51,400 per year and high school teachers make approximately $51,870 per year.

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Teacher Certification Programs in Indiana

Teacher Certification Programs in Indiana

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Becoming a teacher is an important decision that requires commitment, dedication, and passion. Teacher certification requirements vary by state. However, there are a number qualifications that every state requires to teach at the public school level. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!