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There’s an old adage that those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it, and history teachers, are vital to ensuring our future by educating students on the lessons of the past. They also teach what’s going on in the world now, focusing on current events and how they relate to our society and the world around us.

History and social studies teachers are essential to educating students in our place in an increasingly connected world. Learn about becoming a history teacher, the requirements to enter the field, and the skills and knowledge you’ll need to excel in this career path.

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What Is the Job of a History Teacher?

History teachers are mentors and leaders in the study of not just past events of our nation and across the world, but in current events, politics and important events. They teach students not just what’s going on, and what happened in the past, but how these events interrelate and give us a deeper look at society and what the future might hold.

Students of history hold a unique perspective on society and can affect the future in important ways. That, in addition to their expertise on a broad range of topics, makes history teachers an essential part of our educational system.

On a given day, history teachers will answer e-mails, set up and attend meetings with officials, students and parents, deliver lesson plans, create lesson plans, grade assignments and papers, work with technology, establish and assess student goals and progress, cope with difficult students and classroom issues, and even chaperone school events, among other tasks.

Become a History Teacher

Skills and Knowledge Required

The first and most important tool a teacher of history requires is an extensive expertise on local, national and world history. They must be constantly up-to-date on current events, as well as have a deep awareness of other societies and cultures from the ancient world through to the modern day. They must also understand why events occurred as well as what events occurred. Critical thinking and an analytical mind are also essential to this career path.

On other levels, teachers must have excellent communications skills, a knowledge of best practices in education, wonderful interpersonal, leadership and mentoring skills, and a devotion and dedication to helping students succeed and excel. They must constantly be advocates for both their students and their field.

Becoming a History Teacher

In order to become a history teacher, you’ll need to meet your state’s individual guidelines. At the very minimum, a bachelor’s degree in education will be required and you will have to complete a classroom program of student teaching that lasts at least a semester. State and federal background checks and clearances are also required. In most cases, a master’s degree in teaching or education is a better option.

The median salary for teachers across the nation is around $57,200 per year, based on BLS figures, and the job is expected to increase by 6% per year through 2024. Explore our website to learn more about the requirements to become a history teacher in your state today!