How to Become a Teacher in Florida

Florida is one of the most well-known states in the country. Plentiful sunshine and countless opportunities for fun make Florida attractive to both visitors and residents. However, even more important than its identity as a relaxation spot is the focus that Florida puts on education. This means that one of the most attractive careers in this state is working as a teacher.

As with any worthwhile career, there are strict requirements for becoming a teacher in Florida. Examining these requirements in closer detail is one of the most important things you can do if you’re interested in entering this profession.

Florida Teacher Certification Requirements

Florida Teacher Certification Types

Two teaching certifications are offered by the Bureau of Educator Certification of the Florida Department of Education. The first is a Temporary Teaching Certificate and the Second is a Professional Certificate. You can also become certified in a variety of educational disciplines.

Florida Teacher Education

For both certificates, you will need either a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or a degree from an approved school that is not accredited. You will also be required to complete a Florida teacher preparation program.

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Florida Teacher Certification Exam

Florida teachers must demonstrate general knowledge by passing the Florida Teacher Certification Examination General Knowledge. You will also need to pass the FTCE Professional Education Test. To be certified in a specific discipline, you must pass the FTCE Subject Area Examination in your chosen field.

Teacher Experience

Before you complete your teacher preparation program, you will need to participate in student teaching. You will work alongside a mentor and get real-world experience teaching students. The length of your student teaching component will depend on the requirements of your educational institution.

Background Check

You are required to submit to two background checks before you will be able to start working in a Florida school. These checks will be performed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Florida Teacher Certification

Alternative Certification and Other Requirements

  • Florida Alternative Teacher Certification: You can enroll Florida’s Alternative Certificate Program if you already have your Temporary Certificate. This program allows you to improve your teaching skills in a classroom while working towards your Professional Certificate.
  • Teacher Certification Renewal: Your Temporary Certificate is valid for three years. Before it expires, you will need to become eligible for the Professional Certificate. Your Professional Certificate is good for five years. You will need six credit hours in every discipline where you are certified to earn a renewal.
  • Florida Substitute Teaching: If you have a high school diploma, you can be a substitute teacher in Florida. Substitutes without teaching experience will be given training in the school district where the wish to teach.
  • Reciprocity: Florida offers certification through reciprocity for teachers who are licensed in other states.

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What Does a Teacher Do in Florida?

When licensed to teach in Florida, you will need to perform many important tasks. These tasks can include:

  • Providing daily instruction to your students.
  • Developing weekly lesson plans.
  • Building a yearly curriculum.
  • Following instructions from school administrators.

Florida Teacher Salary

The data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) can help you learn about your future salary when you are employed as a Florida teacher. The determining factor in your salary will be the level of school where you are employed. As of 2015, elementary school teachers in Florida earned a yearly median salary of $47,610. Middle school teachers during the same year earned $48,840. High school teachers earned a median salary of $51,610.

Florida Teacher Certification Links

Teacher Certification Programs in Florida

Teacher Certification Programs in Florida

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Becoming a teacher is an important decision that requires commitment, dedication, and passion. Teacher certification requirements vary by state. However, there are a number qualifications that every state requires to teach at the public school level. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!