Educational Technology Specialist Career Resource

Educational technology specialists are also called edtech specialists, or instructional technology specialists. These are very important technology experts who work with administrators, teachers and others in the field of education to facilitate, analyze and improve the use of technology in schools and classrooms.

These teachers must work collaboratively with a broad range of people, and must be very dedicated at what they do. Explore the world of an education technology specialist and learn what it takes to become part of this exciting field that’s taking education into the future.

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The Job of an Educational Technology Specialist

As an educational technology specialist, you’ll work with staff, teachers and administration in school districts at all levels from elementary through high school. You will serve as an advocate for incorporating the best possible technology into classrooms, and as an advisor on the most current technology and best practices available.

These specialists identify technology needs in schools and classrooms, for regular classrooms, special needs and career education courses. They evaluate existing technology and consult on improving current approaches. They work to obtain and set up tech, and serve as IT professionals to implement and maintain computer networks and hardware throughout the school.

Educational Technology Specialist

Requirements of an IT Specialist

Instructional technology specialists must be well-versed in all of the most current and advanced technology, as well as a broad range of tech solutions to diverse classroom needs. This requires formal training in computers and information technology, its applications and security issues. You will also need exceptional communications skills and problem-solving abilities.

You’ll need to know how to formulate, write and implement plans to integrate and improve technology systems. You will have to have solid interpersonal skills to work with teachers, administrators, staff and students, training them on the proper use of the technology you implement.

Finally, you’ll serve as IT support and will be responsible for repairs, maintenance, upgrades and network security. Finally, you will build an understanding and appreciation for the use of technology in education.

Becoming an EdTech Specialist

The minimum requirements for becoming an EdTech specialist involve a bachelor’s degree in education technology. You’ll also need to secure your clearances to work with kids, and may be required to seek certification as a teacher in your state. Many people choose to further their education and receive a master’s degree in education technology to improve their chances for high earnings and their marketability in finding work.

Becoming a certified teacher requires you to meet certain standards set by the state. These will include several months (at least a semester) of student teaching in addition to your formal education, as well as successful completion of certification exams, and more.

As an educational technology specialist, you can expect to earn, on average, $62,270 annually, according to figures offered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The projected job rate may be as high as 8% by 2024.

If you are fascinated by technology and its use in education, consider the path of an EdTech specialist and see about getting certified in your state today!