Education Technology Degree

Technology advances at an almost exponential rate, which makes understanding new technology an important part of modern living. One profession where this is especially true is in education. Unlike in the past, where education was confined to a classroom, education can now happen across multiple mediums. Increasingly, schools are using technologies like the internet to increase student success and to aid teachers.

With technology becoming ever more important for educators across the country, one of the most exciting degrees a teacher can pursue is in education technology. If you earn an education technology degree, you’ll be at the forefront of new technologies that can be implemented in the classroom.

Prerequisites for an Education Technology Degree

Although you can study educational technology as part of a basic education degree, a degree in educational technology is a Master’s level degree. This means that you will need to complete a Bachelor’s degree in education before you pursue your educational technology degree. Besides earning a Bachelor’s degree, there may be several other requirements for gaining entry into an educational technology degree program.

For example, most Master’s level programs, regardless of their discipline, require that you pass an exam like the GRE before being admitted. You may also need to provide a personal statement as well as letters of recommendation. Finally, it is likely that you will need to demonstrate that you already possess a teacher certification.

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Education Technology Degree

Courses in an Educational Technology Degree

During the course of your educational technology Master’s degree, you will participate in numerous courses related to new technologies focused on education. This can include several different topics for your potential coursework.

One of the major focuses in your coursework will be implementation of new educational technology. This can include how to best train teachers to use this new technology and how to incorporate the technology into everyday curricula. You will also examine which new technologies are most likely to lead to student success, whether it’s multimedia, over the internet or game-based learning.

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How to Acquire an Education Technology Degree

If you’re interested in earning a Master’s in Education Technology, then one of your most important decisions is deciding how you will acquire your degree. Fortunately, like many advanced teaching degrees, you have many options for completing an educational technology program.

For those who are more comfortable in a traditional educational setting, you can complete an education technology degree at one of the country’s many accredited colleges and universities. However, if you’re looking for a more convenient solution that is in the spirit of the discipline, you can create your education technology degree over the internet. Whichever of these options you choose, you should plan on spending at least two years on your degree.

Once you earn your degree, you can work as a consultant, improving the technology wherever you are employed.

If you’re a teacher interested in one of the most groundbreaking educational fields that exists, you should pursue an education technology degree. By enrolling in an education technology degree program, you’ll be learning about innovative educational technology that will allow you to develop effective strategies for implementing these technologies in the classroom.