Education Administration Degree

There are many important roles in schools today. While many people interested in an educational career will become a teacher, others who are interested in making sure their schools run as smoothly as possible will seek a career as an education administrator. An education administrator is focused on improving education throughout their school and making sure the institution works to the benefit of both teachers and student.

Because education administrators are responsible for running large institutions, you must earn an advanced degree before you can enter this important profession. Learn how you can earn an education administration degree and discover some of the tasks you will perform in this career.

Earning an Education Administration Degree

An education administration degree is a Master’s level degree. Most people who decide to pursue an education administration degree will already have some level of experience as an educator. However, anyone who has a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to education or administration can seek enrollment in an education administration program.

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As mentioned, one of the requirements for being enrolled in an education administration program is having already earned a Bachelor’s degree. There may be other requirements depending on the program where you are seeking enrollment. For instance, many Master’s degree programs in education require letters of reference. You will also usually need to pass an entrance exam, such as the GRE.

If you can meet these qualifications, then you should be able to achieve enrollment in an education administration degree program.

Education Administration Degree

What You Will Learn During Your Degree

Education administration is a leadership position. As such, the majority of your degree work will be focused on leadership in educational settings. This can include communicating with teachers, disciplining students and making sure your institution is operating smoothly.

During your course of study, which will usually take two years to complete, you will be required to take many different courses. These courses can include Public Education Laws, Personnel Administration and Evaluation and Curriculum trends. You will also be required to complete a practicum in administration where you will get hands-on experience performing common education administration tasks.

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When choosing your degree program, you will need to decide when and where you will complete your coursework. Many institutions that offer a Master’s degree in education administration offer the option to complete your degree online. This may be a good option for those who wish to continue their normal education job while pursuing their administration degree. It is also possible to complete your degree in a traditional classroom setting.

Education Administration Salaries

If you’re considering a career in education administration, then one of the issues that might interest you is learning about your potential salary. The majority of people who earn an education administration degree will become a principal in either an elementary, middle or high school. According to the most recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), principals in any of these institutions can expect to make a median yearly salary of $90,410.

Some education administrators will choose to work at the postsecondary, or college, level. This will usually be as a college dean. If you work in a college as an education administrator, the BLS states that you may earn a yearly salary of $88,580.