Curriculum Instruction Specialist Career Resource

For many who enter a career in education, becoming a teacher is the first step. There are many paths you can take where you can make a difference in many different ways. Among these paths is the curriculum instruction specialist. These administrators are responsible for the development, evaluation and improvement of existing curricula in schools and educational institutes.

Working as a curriculum and instructional specialist requires extensive teaching experience and extensive knowledge on the most current methods and best practices for education. They need to have a broad knowledge of teaching, from choosing course materials to developing lesson plans to advising. Read about the career of a curriculum instruction specialist, the steps to enter this field, and why it is so important to our educational systems.

What Is a Curriculum Instruction Specialist?

A curriculum instruction specialist is an administrative professional in a school district whose job it is to evaluate current educational systems and curricula and determine where they can be improved, and how to improve them. They then implement those improvements. They are also responsible for developing new curricula where needed.

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What Does a Curriculum Specialist Do?

Specialists in this field have to conduct extensive research, write reports and make recommendations to administration for ways to implement new or improved systems of education. You will work closely with teachers to study and evaluate programs, and note where instruction can be improved. You’ll need to know all laws, regulations and policies related to education. You’ll act as a mentor and will need outstanding communication and teamwork skills.

To enter this field it’s essential to have a passion for the education system, and a desire to see it operate at peak efficiency. You must constantly be educated on the most current best practices and trends in education, and the most recent research in the field. You must yourself be a teacher, as you’ll need not only to understand educational practices, but conduct adult education for other teachers.

Become a Curriculum Instruction Specialist

Becoming an Instruction Specialist

In order to become a curriculum specialist, you’ll have to be licensed as a teacher or educational administrator. For the majority of these jobs, you’ll have to have a minimum of a master’s degree in education—over 90% of those operating in this field have a master’s, post-graduate certificate or doctoral degree. In addition, you will likely have to meet minimum requirements for experience.

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While the standards for every state will differ, most looking to work in this field will study teacher leadership, curriculum planning, research methods, and similar fields, as well as maintaining a detailed portfolio of their own curriculum development, including research papers and lesson plans.

If you’re looking to enter the field of a curriculum instruction specialist, your first step is to become a teacher and get certified. Each state has its own requirements and steps to get licensure to teach. Check out the state page for your area to find out how you can start on the road to this rewarding and in-demand career path today.