How to Become a Teacher in Connecticut

Education is of the utmost importance to the people of Connecticut, which is why one of the most enticing professions in this state is teaching. As a teacher in Connecticut, you will provide valuable instruction to the state’s students and have access to a wide range of job opportunities.

Teaching, like most worthwhile careers, requires meeting certain qualifications before you will be able to become licensed. If you want to become a teacher in Connecticut, the most important thing that you can do is to learn the specific requirements for teachers in this state. Discover the steps for receiving a teaching license in Connecticut, including passing examinations and completing a teacher preparation program.

Connecticut Teacher Certification Requirements

Connecticut Teacher Certification Types

To work as a teacher in Connecticut, you will need an Initial Educator Certificate. After you earn this certificate, you can work towards an endorsement in a specific educational discipline, including Elementary K-6, Middle School and Secondary School.

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Connecticut Teacher Education

For your Initial Certificate, you will either need to complete an educator prep program and then earn a Bachelor’s degree or earn a Bachelor’s degree and then complete a course in your desired teaching discipline. You will also need to complete thirty-six hours of special education courses.

Connecticut Teacher Certification Exam

Teachers in Connecticut are required to receive a passing score in all areas of the Praxis I Basic Competency exam. K-6 teachers need to pass the Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test. Foreign language teachers must pass the American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages exam. Teachers in other disciplines must pass the corresponding Praxis II exam.

Teacher Experience

Those who have not completed a Connecticut educator prep course will need to complete 20 months of teaching experience before receiving your initial license. If you do participate in an educator preparation program, you will need to complete a student teaching component.

Background Check

Connecticut teachers will be subject to a background check. This will include fingerprinting. Your fingerprints will be checked by both the FBI and the State Police Bureau of Identification.

Conecticut Teacher Certification

Alternative Certification and Other Requirements

  • Connecticut Alternative Teacher Certification: Connecticut provides an Alternate Route to Teacher Certification (ARC). You will need a Bachelor’s degree in whatever subject you intend to teach, as well as a 3.0 GPA. ARC applicants are also required to complete coursework and pass the Praxis I exam.
  • Teacher Certification Renewal: Once you receive your Professional Certificate, it will last for five years. Your certificate will only be renewed if you have completed nine hours of continuing education. You must provide proof of these credit hours along with your renewal application.
  • Connecticut Substitute Teaching: If you have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, you can work as a substitute teacher without certification. However, you can only spend 40 days on one assignment.
  • Reciprocity: If you have a Level II educator certificate from another NASDTEC state and 27 months of teaching experience, you can get an Initial Certificate in Connecticut.

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What Does a Teacher Do in Connecticut?

When you are employed as a teacher in Connecticut, you will need to complete many tasks in addition to instruction. For instance, you will regularly need to develop lesson plans and long-term curriculum. You will also need to work and coordinate administrators and other teachers in your Connecticut schools. Classroom management and individual student assessments are other common duties of Connecticut teachers.

Connecticut Teacher Salary

By reading the report provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you can get an idea of your salary as a Connecticut teacher. The average median pay for an Elementary School teacher in Connecticut as of 2015 was $76,740. Connecticut Middle School teachers in 2015 could expect a median salary of $77,250. The median salary for a High School in Connecticut was $76,260.

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Teacher Certification Programs in Connecticut

Teacher Certification Programs in Connecticut

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Becoming a teacher is an important decision that requires commitment, dedication, and passion. Teacher certification requirements vary by state. However, there are a number qualifications that every state requires to teach at the public school level. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!