Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Perhaps the most important and rewarding career that a person can choose is becoming a teacher. Teachers are integral to the continued success of the country as they prepare their students for a successful future. Like any important career, there are multiple steps needed to become a teacher, the first of which is earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

For the majority of states across the country, a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum level of education a person must possess if they want to be hired as a teacher. Learning more about these degrees and how they can lead to a fruitful career is a good idea for anyone seeking to become a teacher.

Entering a Bachelor’s Program

Before you can enter a Bachelor’s degree program, there are several requirements that you will need to fulfill. The first of these requirements is proving that you have completed a high school education and have earned acceptable scores on either the SAT or the ACT. In addition, you will need to pass an entrance exam that tests your basic skills in areas like reading, writing and mathematics. If you cannot fulfill these requirements, it will be difficult to enter the program.

Many Bachelor’s programs focused on education will also require you to pass a background check. This is done to ensure that you possess the high moral character necessary to work with children.

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Teacher Bachelor's Degree

Degree Length and Courses

When entering a Bachelor’s program, most people want to know two main things: How long their degree will take and what courses they will need to complete. In general, your Bachelor’s Degree in Education will take between three and five years to complete. This depends entirely on how motivated you are to complete your degree and to begin your teaching career.

The coursework that you will complete will be focused on the knowledge and skills that you will need to become a successful teacher. A few of these courses can include principles of education, child psychology and educational technology. Your Bachelor’s program may also contain a work experience and certification component, which will allow you to start working once your degree is complete.

Finding an Accredited University

While you are preparing to enroll in a Bachelor’s program, it’s vital that you make sure the institution and program has been accredited by a national level organization. When the state where you intend to work is examining your credentials for certification, they will pay close attention to whether your degree has come from an accredited institution.

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Accreditation is important for several reasons. First, it demonstrates that you have received the training that is needed for long-term teaching success. Secondly, it gives peace of mind both to the school hiring you and the parents of the children you will teach.

Teaching Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Education allows you to work in many different teaching careers. Most commonly, a teacher who possesses a Bachelor’s degree will work in an elementary school or a high school. You may also seek positions as a music teacher, an ESL teacher or a middle school teacher.

The teaching career that you choose will depend on the subjects that you focused on while earning your Bachelor’s degree.