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Teaching is one of the most important career paths you could undergo. It’s an investment in our children and the future of our nation and our world. Too many people in our nation undervalue teachers, but these dedicated professionals are so important to every aspect of our society.

Choosing to become a teacher isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. It’s a professional career choice that requires commitment, dedication and passion. Every day will be a new challenge, which can sometimes prove frustrating. But also, every day, you’ll make a difference in the life of a child, and have a positive effect on the future.

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While there are certain universal qualifications, each state has its own set of rules and regulations to become a teacher. Here at Teacher Certification Online we seek to provide a comprehensive resource for all those looking to enter this honorable profession, regardless of their state of origin.

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Does the idea of one standing before a classroom and teaching a bunch of people excite you? Well, becoming a teacher could be right for you. It is essential to first seek out a degree that relates to teaching. Once you possess a bachelor’s degree in education you are eligible to apply to a number of schools for teaching opportunities. Feel free to volunteer in various schools to test the waters.

Important teaching skills include patience, audibility, good people skills, and clarity. Additionally, you can seek to advance your education and career by going back to school and obtaining a master’s degree in education. This will single you out from the rest of the job applicants and aid you in getting a job faster.

Basic Teacher Certification Requirements

At its most basic, becoming a teacher requires at minimum a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school, in the discipline you intend to teach. You’ll then need to pass the appropriate certification exams, and in most states, complete a course of student teaching for on-the-job training.

Most teachers seek graduate-level training in the form of an MAT, or Master of Arts in Teaching. Not only does this improve your qualifications, it increases your chances of finding a great job as a teacher.
Teacher Certification Programs

State Teacher Certification Requirements

Looking at the Future of Education

We’re certainly looking at a changing future for education. Everyone has a different view on what’s best, and the degree of governmental control that is best to ensure everyone gets the right education and knowledge to drive our future forward. Whether the future is private or public, charter schools, or online education, teachers will always be needed right in the thick of it all.

It’s perhaps shocking, but too many people in our nation still devalue the importance of teachers in the daily lives and as an influence on the futures of our children. Another part of being a teacher is to educate and advocate the public the value of teaching, to demonstrate that a solid educational system is a vital part of not just our future, but in protecting us from foreign enemies, supporting our national security, and improving our standards of goods and services.

If you have been considering becoming a teacher, take some time to browse our site and learn everything you can about this rewarding and vital career path, and start on the road to making a difference every day.